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Hair Care Instructions

Always keep your wig clean. We suggests you shampoo and condition your wig frequently (depending on your lifestyle) in warm or tepid water. When dirty, hair products or sweat accumulate and the hair tangles and may matt and become destroyed.

Before shampooing your wig, spray a mixture of water and conditioner on the hair and brush from the bottom up. You must completely detangle the hair before shampooing so take your time and gradually wet the hair and brush it out.

After wetting the hair turn the wig inside out and fill a basin with tepid water. Shampoo wig gently by “swishing” through the water. Do not scrunch and bunch the hair or it will become tangled. Gently run your fingers through the hair in one direction. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm or tepid water and squeeze the excess water gently with your hands.
If the hair texture is straight you can now use your brush on the hair. If the wig is curly you should not brush it while completely wet. Apply the leave in conditioner and place your wig on a wig head to dry completely.